Why Work With Us

Save capital by using trusted advisors

Targeted help for your exact needs

Spend more time working on what you love

What We Provide

Rapid Learning

Key Connections

Intense Mentorship

Learning-by-doing is key to growing a business and through our program you can compress years’ worth of learning into a period of just a few months.
We’ve spent the past few years building out an extensive network of successful local business owners. We’ll connect you with everyone you need to take your business to the next level.
You’ll receive intense one on one mentorship from a number of successful business owners which lets you skip “trial and error” and replaces it with “trial and experience.”

Small Business Saturdays

Set a dedicated time each month to build your business

Close your eyes… now imagine you have just been given a solid 4 hours of uninterrupted time to work on your business. Hot coffee in your hand, you quickly reconcile those accounts, clear out the email backlog and dare we say it, plan for the week ahead.  Yes, we have those dreams too, and that is precisely why SBS exists.

Join us for a Saturday designed to help you check more off that do to list. We provide a quiet, well-lite, clean space for you to work. Small snacks and Akron Coffee are on deck ready to help you power though those receipts and conquer the customer service requests.

Just as the gym helps keep your body in shape, SBS is here to keep your business in shape. We know the to-do lists will never disappear, with time set aside to focus on what you need to do, they will become more manageable. Adding a dedicated time to focus on your business will help manage your work load and allow more time to add those dream projects to your to-do list…and then another Saturday to make them happen!

Consulting Workshops

An intense 3:1 consulting session designed to rapidly improve your business.

You have crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s, business is moving. Sales numbers are stable, clients are happy and you get a moment to breathe. HA- who are we kidding, as a business owner nothing is ever done and we know it! Because the to-do lists are never ending, we understand it is hard to stop and think about the future.

So, what is next? How do you maintain momentum and stability for the next quarter, or the next year? What do you want to be, and what are the steps needed to get you there?

We have been there, and thanks to carafes of coffee and strategy sessions we could take some time to consider the future and create long term goals for our businesses. We invite you to do the same. These three on one workshops start with an assessment of your current business state, then through goal reviews and planning we create actionable items to get you there.

Retail Review

On-site retail operations walk through and advice

Sometimes it just takes a pair of fresh eyes! When you see the same thing over and over you get used to the current state; it is no longer obvious what can be improved. It is like a check-up, what are you doing that is working and what can be done better. Often some simple changes can lead to significant impact on your numbers.

We will do a walk through as a customer experience, providing critical feedback from the view as a customer, leaving you with advice on how to better serve your client and revenue opportunities.

It goes beyond having a good product on a shelf. Creating a customer experience is important to the future of your business and a customer coming back again and again.

Our Team

Courtney Gras
Meghan Goetz
Nicholas Petroski

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Small Business Saturdays

RSVP here to set dedicated time to work with other business owners on your venture.

Consulting Workshops

Get more information on signing up for a three hour consulting session with our leadership team.

Retail Review

Request more information on signing up for a retail review session with our leadership team.